We are authorized representatives of reputable manufacturers of goodsintended for police, military and special use around the world.


Troy-S Ltd. is specialized in:

  • production
  • trade mediation
  • modernization of products and technology intended for military and police use (improvement of tactical-technological features)

We offer:

  • Civilian program
  • Military and police program
  • Sports program
  • Additional equipment and accessories

We specialize in the procurement of: ammunition, firearms, tanks, airplanes, helicopters, patrol boats and military equipment. In our offer you will also find innovative solutions for the production of ammunition, ready-made engineering projects, as well as the delivery of specialized production lines.


We offer procurement of new and overhauled tanks and armored vehicles such as:

  • T-series MBTs and derivatives
  • armored personnel carrier type BMP-1, BMP-2, BTR-60/70/80, BTR-3U
  • armored vehicles: BRDM-2, MTLB
  • armored vehicles: DZIK, TUR, ZUBR
  • other special armored platforms

As well as:

  • active defense systems
  • engine, gearbox and aggregate
  • simulators

The offer includes not only vehicles, but also overhaul and modernization packages, procurement of spare parts, documentation, technical assistance, staff training and logistical support throughout the cooperation period.


We offer a wide range of the most advanced Optronic devices including:

  • state-of-the-art Red Dot Sights
  • sniper sights
  • military binoculars
  • rangefinders
  • sniper observers

Depending on the type and method of use, Troy-S Ltd offers the following types:

  • universal monocular NV
  • night vision goggles
  • independent sniper sight for night vision
  • the piston on the night vision sniper scope, which is placed in front of the daytime optics
  • thermal cameras

Our offer also includes various types of night vision devices for numerous purposes and technical specifications, hand-held thermal cameras and combined night/day thermal gyrostabilized systems mounted on air or vehicle. Our line of night vision devices complies with NVD, GEN III American Tube standards. We also offer equipment according to Russian standards, introducing good quality and reliability.


We also offer comprehensive solutions for patrolling and protecting the coastline. These solutions include traditional patrol boats, with metal or fiber hulls, as well as unmanned platforms for special tasks. Our boats are equipped with the latest technological solutions currently available on the market. The application of advanced knowledge in hydrodynamics makes it possible to increase the range, power and speed of the vessel, which, along with reduced fuel consumption, gives us an advantage over our competitors.

Our offer includes a wide range of:

  • navigation systems
  • radio devices
  • alarm equipment from the world's leading manufacturers
  • weapon systems and their integration with other systems on board

The offered vessels and their equipment come from the world's leading manufacturers and are adapted to the specific requirements of customers.


We offer overhaul and modernization of air and coastal defense systems, such as:

  • Peczora
  • CUBE
  • Shilka

Modernization includes full digitalization, increasing the probability of a first hit, resistance to countermeasures and high mobility.


We offer aircraft and helicopter supplies. Both, new and overhauled , in certified facilities, such as:

  • fighter planes MIG-23,MIG-25,MIG-29,SU-22,SU-27
  • helicopters MI-8, MI-17, MI-24, KA-50
  • school plane L-59
  • IL-76, AN-26, L-410/420 transport aircraft
  • UAVs

Offers include delivery:

  • aircraft engines: main and auxiliary
  • weapon systems with ammunition and missiles
  • built-in navigation, aiming and radio systems
  • passive protection systems: rocket launchers, radiators
  • ground equipment
  • simulators

Deliveries also cover overhaul and modernization packages, procurement of spare parts, documentation, technical assistance and personnel training, ground support, TBO extension and life-cycle logistics support.


We offer complete packages of engineering, procurement and construction of complete (turn-key) plants or specific production lines.The offer also includes modernization of existing production lines and adaptation to customer. requirements.

Services include:

  • adequate choice of processing technology related to the type of ammunition
  • a selection of machines and equipment that always meet the client's expectations
  • delivery of machines and equipment, tools, gauges, spare parts, etc.
  • supervision during installation
  • commissioning of delivered machines
  • employee training
  • after sales services and technical support

Deliveries also cover overhaul and modernization packages, procurement of spare parts, documentation, technical assistance and personnel training, ground support, TBO extension and life-cycle logistics support.



We offer a full range of guns in all popular calibers including:

  • pistols and revolvers: 9 mm
  • assault rifles: 9 mm
  • sniper rifles including equipment: 7.62 and 12.7 mm
  • Machine guns including equipment: 7.62, 12.7 and 14.5 mm
  • grenade launchers: 40 mm – portable and automatic
  • mortars: 60, 82, 120 mm

Weapons can be offered from the current production of various European manufacturers or from military stocks. Our offer includes pre-shipment inspection and testing.


Nudimo We offer a full range of ammunition from small to artillery and tank calibers. We offer new ammunition from current production from various production sources in Europe. We also offer ammunition from stocks stored in Poland and other European countries.. Nudimo novo streljivo iz trenutne proizvodnje iz različitih proizvodnih izvora u Europi. Također nudimo streljivo iz zaliha pohranjenih u Poljskoj i drugim europskim zemljama.

At the same time Troy-S d.o.o. offers explosives, powders and components for the production of ammunition such as: cases, igniters, capsules, etc. Troy-S offers the demilitarization of stored ammunition on lines installed in a container that can be transported to the storage location. The service includes procurement of equipment, professional staff or training of the customer's staff.

Ballistic safety and protection equipment


  • Tactical ballistic vests with Molle platforms designed for tactical teams that need mobility, comfort and a high level of protection.
  • Modular components for the ballistic vest: Protection for the neck, shoulders, biceps
  • Protection level: IIA, II and IIIA in accordance with NIJ STD. 0101.04 / .06
  • Protection against fragments in accordance with NATO STANAG 2920, V50 > 450 – 600 m/s


  • Protection level: NIJ 0101.04. & NIJ 0101.06
  • Shape
    • Single Curve
    • Multi Curve
  • Made from materials: polyethylene, ceramics, aramid
  • Size: 250x300mm
  • Weight: from 1.0 – 3.0 Kg.


  • The ballistic helmet is made of high-quality aramid fibers or UHMWPE (Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene).
  • Designed to provide maximum flexibility and comfort.
  • The use of a special production process enables a high level of protection against all types of fragments, shrapnel and bullets.
  • The helmet and its parts are resistant to all weather conditions.
  • BALLISTICS: NIJ LEVEL III A (according to NIJ STD 0106.01)
  • FRAGMENT PERFORMANCE: According to STANAG V50> 600 m / s - 630 m / s
  • Ballistic certification: NIJ - accredited laboratory
  • Weight: From 1250 gr. up to 1450 gr. depending on the size.


In our range of services, we offer the following services:

  • Freight forwarding services
  • Transport services
  • Professional development and training services
  • Cyber crime protection services
  • Engineering services


We offer clients a complete chain of logistical support.

  • Road
  • Air
  • Ship

Organization of all types of transport, customs mediation, storage of goods, warehouse manipulations, other services related to foreign and domestic trade, agency work.

Through successful cooperation with serious transport companies, we achieve reliability, safety and speed of delivery or dispatch of any type of goods.

All this gives us the possibility to be absolutely competitive in this market with our price.