We are authorized representatives of reputable manufacturers of goodsintended for police, military and special use around the world.

TROY-S d.o.o.

Troy-S doo is a trade organization registered for domestic and foreign trade, specializing in the delivery of a wide range of military equipment, services and technology for the police and armed forces, as well as civilian facilities for selected industries, for which we have all the necessary permits and solutions issued by the authorities state institutions.


Our mission includes support in both ,the generation of new industrial capacities and the optimal use of existing ones.

The strength of the company lies in the good management of human resources and their communication, where the focus is on our productive teamwork - joint success reflected in a satisfied client.


Our success so far is the result of a clear business vision, constant professional training and professional technical staff. We offer our clients only quality products, professional technical support for their application, service, consulting and training.

Precisely for these reasons, the results we achieve and thanks to our good business contacts and satisfied clients, Troy-S doo is present on almost all continents of the world.


Our main goal and business strategy is a satisfied customer. For this reason, we firmly believe that we are able to satisfy even the most sophisticated needs of existing and potential customers. All of the above entitles us to believe that we can be your suitable business partner.


All military-police equipment and its parts, which Troy-S doo has in its offer, are internationally recognized and certified in accordance with MIL Standard and NATO Standard.

  • ISO Standard 9001:2008 – BUREAU VERITAS Certification .
  • ISO Standard 4649:2010 – resistance to abrasion.
  • Standard UNI EN ISO 175:2010 – resistance to chemical substances and solvents.
  • NATO CAGE CODE: A5938.
  • Tests of resistance to fire and contact with fire
  • Impact tests in accordance with the ISO 180:2013 standard
  • VPAM - Association of test laboratories for bullet resistance of materials and structures

Highly qualified experts, as well as a network of external collaborators and partner organizations, use their expertise to provide the best possible service to our clients, guided primarily by the achievement of results and goals.

Our team of engineers, supported by external partners (where is that necessary), is able to provide expertise acquired in many branches and activities, and at the same time bring additional value to the client with "best practice" solutions.

We especially emphasize that we are authorized representatives of a large number of reputable manufacturers of goods (intended for police, military and special use) around the world.